Darrell Crone, Sr. Marketing Associate.  My Boss’s husband is a professional photographer and introduced your reflectors to me. After using his for a week, I was totally sold.  5-31-17 Gonoble.com


Creative Director Gilda Horgan said. A wonderful photographer I worked with, Mike DeCicco, used them and he performed magic, I'll tell you. I have been an in house art director/creative director for 25 years and worked with dozens of photographers. Love your product.


The Smithsonian. I saw them when working for the Smithsonian, (8 LIGHTRIGHT sets) Michael Barnes.  https://siarchives.si.edu/history/exhibits/African-Americans/michael-barnes


My name is Nadir Hashem. I’m a professional Egyptian photographer and I’ve been using your reflectors for almost 24 years since I purchased that first set that I still use till now in spite of the intensive use its been subjected to. I think it was 1993 when I got it from New York and since then i’ve been trying to locate your company. luckily i was successful and here we are.


Studio equipment.  Of all the little and big things in my studio, I am so picky about my LIGHTRIGHTs! Don't know what I'd do without them.


Andrew Reiner, working with a food Photographer in Austin, TX.  Saw how great they worked, so I ordered a set.  http://www.andrewreinerphotography.com/austin-food


IceLand Photographer. I did some still life a while ago and a good friend an American photographer who lives here in Iceland borrowed some to me and I held on to them until he had to force me to give them back :-) They are great and I am looking forward to get them myself. I am constantly recommending them friends and I should really be your agent here in Iceland. I fell in love with the simplicity and versatility AND the low price that makes it possible to get a bunch of them for small and weird product shoots. I primarily use it for food shoots and I like them best for the fact that they are not "very" reflective like mirrors and such. Thanks for a great product."


19 year old LIGHTRIGHTs.  I have to laugh; We kept ours going with Tape, extra cardboard backings, and a a lot of prayer, and TLC. Trust me, if times weren't so tough, I'd have ordered 4 sets no questions asked. However, I'll probably be ordering 1 or 2 sets soon, and to reiterate, your product is one to the best tabletop reflector systems out there. If you ever need a testimonial, and help promoting to the retailers or customers, let me know.


Bill Lizor & Jackie Andress saw them on.. I heard about your product via a Lynda.com tutorial on lighting for product photography. Thank you so much.


Linda Paul said.  I saw them mentioned in a book, "Food Photography & Lighting" by Teri Campbell. https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/food-photography-lighting  


Cate Goedert found them. The LIGHTRIGHTs are brilliant. I heard about them in a class taught at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops. Terry Monahan of Chimera was the instructor.  FYI. I used the LightRight kit yesterday for the first time and it's fabulous. Took shots of silver jewelry - see attached. Couldn't have gotten the images without the kit. Just wanted you to know. Thanks! Cate   http://terry-monahan.com

THANKS TO YOU ALL.  Gary Bartholomew