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LightRIGHTs are simply the easiest and most cost-effective light-control system ever designed. Our reflectors allow you to reflect light from your light source to your subject from any angle, as if you had multiple lights. Think about it... your light and three reflectors equals 4 light sources. All that light control at a fraction of the cost of more lighting equipment. Lighting with reflectors has always been one key to quality photography. If your clients product looks top dollar then the product will get top dollar. Your quality lighting will deliver that value. Our LIGHTRIGHT reflectors with their sliding adjustments allow you to send your light right where you want it.

Also read what current LightRIGHT OWNERS are saying & read our FAQ for more details The timelapse movie below demonstrates a step by step lighting session. We used only one overhead lightsource with this difficult black, chrome and light gray subject. In each LR500 reflector kit are five magnetically adjustable reflectors in various sizes with 20 reflecting panels. Also included are six non-magnetic trim-able reflectors. All LIGHTRIGHTS are reversible, silver or white. Your subject will not need to be retouched. LIGHTRIGHTS do pay for themselves in no time. Studios are still using our reflectors that were purchased 19 years ago.