1. My name is Nadir Hashem. Im a professional Egyptian photographer and ive been using your reflectors for almost 18 years since i purchased that first set that i still use till now inspite of the intensive use its been subjected to. i think it was 1993 when i got it from Newyork and since then ive been trying to locate your company .luckilly i was successfull and here we are.

Best Regards, Nadir Hashem

2. Thank you for bringing them back.
The Smithsonion.

3. I am happy these are available again.
I have been looking for these for years. I have 2 sets and they are shot. These are the best reflectors on the market. I bought these years ago and nothing compares to the quality and ease of use. I just bought 2 pair to use again.

4. I saw a very positive article in Popular Photography.
I learned about LightRight from the recent very positive article in Popular Photography, to which I subscribe. I have been doing macro photography of minerals for over 20 years, and reflectors and positioning them has been an important part of my success with this type of photography. However, your system should be easier to use than white index cards and small pieces of tin foil. The inability to accurately place these reflectors was frustrating and led me to hand holding them while the self-timer was counting down. Not the most ergonomic solution for my back! Also I can see the utilty of using these reflectors with a light tent on other types of items that need to be photographed. Thank you for your quick response to my order. " To read what POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY said about our reflectors, click here.

5. Studio equipment.
Of all the little and big things in my studio, I am so picky about my Lightrights! Don't know what I'd do without them.

6. Secret photo weapon.
No, I keep them to my self, I don't want anyone to see my photosecrets.

7. IceLand Photographer.
"I did some still life a while ago and a good friend an american photographer who lives here in Iceland borrowed some to me and I held on to them until he had to force me to give them back :-) They are great and I am looking forward to get them myself. I am constantly recommending them friends and I should really be your agent here in Iceland. I fell in love with the simplicity and versatility AND the low price that makes it possible to get a bunch of them for small and weird product shoots. I primarily use it for food shoots and I like them best for the fact that they are not "very" reflective like mirrors and such. Thanks for a great product."

8. 15 year old LightRIGHTs.
I have to laugh; We kept ours going with Tape, extra cardboard backings, and a a lot of prayer, and TLC. Trust me, if times weren't so tough, I'd have ordered 4 sets no questions asked. However, I'll probably be ordering 1 or 2 sets soon, and to reiterate, your product is one to the best tabletop reflector systems out there. If you ever need a testimonial, and help promoting to the retailers or customers, let me know.

9. I have been Googling LightRIGHT for two years, where have you been?
A major museum on the west coast has replaced their LightRIGHT, (5 sets) that were 18 years old.

LIGHTRIGHTS are a good reflection on your work.

What do Lightright owners say?