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1. Are LIGHTRIGHT reflectors ready to go when I get them?
Yes, just about! However, before using them for the first time, you need to "break them in" All pre-scored folds must be flexed several times, especially the outer hinges, in order to maximize their flexibility. To accomplish this easily, simply fold along the score, squeeze the fold between thumb and forefinger; reverse fold and repeat as needed. To use, just attach the small magnet to the longer magnet, thereby creating a triangle shape. Slide small magnet up or down, to adjust and fine tune or tweak the light reflectance angle.

2. How long will a reflector set last?
Studios are still using our reflectors that were purchased 18 years ago. With proper respect and care, they are a long lasting investment. However, one studio that hired a freelance photographer had to purchase a new set because he cut them up for a shot he was doing, oops. Free-standing, non-magnetic reflectors can be trimmed to fit inside or behind a product. Oh yes, another set of LIGHTRIGHT reflectors had to be replaced because they got stepped on!...OUCH! One studio stores the LIGHTRIGHTS flat on a metal cabinet, using the magnets to hang them. Good idea. Note: the 18 year old reflectors white side has yellowed. I patented the LightRIGHTs in 1988, mine are still working.

3. Do LIGHTRIGHT reflectors work with all lighting?
Yes, flash, tungsten, flourescent, daylight and video. In fact LIGHTRIHTS are cheaper than buying more lights and stands. Lets say you have only one light source, like a window light or soft box etc. You can add several more light sources by using our light reflectors to reflect light from different angles onto your subject. With minimal multiple shadowing, can't beat that.

4. How are the magnetic and non magnetic reflector surfaces adjusted?
Our magnetic photo reflectors are adjusted by simply sliding the small magnet up or down on the longer magnet to change angle of reflectance. These adjustments can be tweaked as precise as your subject requires. For non-magnetic LIGHTRIGHT reflectors, insert the tab into the bottom slot, then slide tab up and out top slot. Each reflector has two reversible reflector panels, small and large for a total four reflecting surfaces. All reflectors collapse for flat compact storage.

5. Do you have LIGHTRIGHT reflectors in different colors?
Not at this time. Right now, we produce only silver, reversible to white. Some food photographers have requested gold-hued LIGHTRIGHT reflectors. We urge them to use a color gel, amber, yellow or whatever shade they need, and lay it on top of the Lightright's reflective surface. But remember, light has to go through the gel to hit the reflecting surface then bounce back through the gel again to reflect on your subject, so a lighter than usual gel is recommended, because the color density will be doubled.

6. Can LIGHTRIGHT reflectors be sprayed with Dulling Spray?
Yes, but cleaning off the dulling spray can be quite a hassle. Having two Lightright reflector sets, one with and one without dulling spray, would be the preferred course of action.

7. Why do the LIGHTRIGHT reflectors have a keystone shape?
Tabletop photographeres know that if they move a rectangular reflector to close to their subject, its lower inside corner starts to intrude into the frame. That's why LIGHTRIGHT reflectors feature a patented No-Show shape-- narrower at the bottom, wider at the top. Your can move our reflectors closer to a subject, when you need to, to bounce light into it. Trust me, it helps when adding a Edge Light to your subject. And they are a lot easier to control light than using home made bounce cards.

8. LIGHTRIGHTS have magnets, should I be concerned about interference in this digital world?.
Our magnets are just powerful enough to do the job intended, we have tested them in contact with Compact Flash cards, thumb drives and Microdrives. They have no effect what so ever on the files. We even rubbed the two back and forth for several minutes with no effect. Our magnets are similar to the power of your typical refrigerator picture magnet. We also tested using a Micro drive and a 1.5 meg floppy disk for 2 hours, and our magnet had no effect. We don't think there is a problem in real world usage, as we have been unable to create a problem, using our product. I have been using them for 20 years without any issues. To see our magnetic test pictures click here." click here.

LIGHTRIGHTS are a good reflection on your work. Now you can Light Right with tabletop reflectors.